Serving the Hispanic Market

Multi Mexican Products México, was founded in 1992.

Having the fortune of being strategically situated in the border of USA and Mexico, with the objective of satisfying the Hispanics necessities in the USA; to be able to have a little bit of Mexico in their daily lives. 

It all started by developing a solid platform, supported by a selected team, dedicated to build and fortify the business relations with manufacturers and customers as priority, working on the best deals possible and on the most efficient logistic to get our products from any point of Mexico on time and at the lowest freight cost possible. Concentrating all our purchases in our, also strategically situated, Consolidation Export Center.

As a result, and focused on the same perspective, Multi Mexican Products, LLC was founded in 2001 in McAllen, Texas, with the purpose to fulfill our customers’ necessities and reach markets where the Hispanic population, year by year, continuously grows and demands a great volume and variety of products.

Initially our first commercial operations were in the state of Texas, getting started and still working with retailers and distributors.

In a short time, we grew along with the also quick growing Hispanic market and its enormous selection of products in areas such as: South Central, Southeast, Northeast United States and Puerto Rico.


Satisfying Hispanic necessities in the USA by providing them Mexican products in their daily lives.

Satisfacer las necesidades de los hispanos en los Estados Unidos brindándoles productos mexicanos en su vida diaria.


To be the leader in the distribution, development and marketing of Mexican and Hispanic products by fulfilling the highest standards for quality, consistency, sustainability, product assortments, dependability, value-added support services and integrity in our business and personal relationships.

Ser el líder en la distribución, desarrollo y mercadotecnia de productos mexicanos e hispanos al cumplir con los más altos estándares de calidad, consistencia, sustentabilidad, surtido de productos, confiabilidad, servicios de apoyo de valor agregado e integridad en nuestras relaciones comerciales y personales.